St Kilda Town Hall


AGMC’s first ever national conference was held in 2004 – in St Kilda Town Hall!

The City of Port Phillip has supported AGMC again to hold our 2018 national conference at the exact same hall.


St Kilda Town Hall is a grand, classically styled city hall, located on the corner of Brighton Road and Carlisle Street in St Kilda, VictoriaAustralia. The first stage, never completed, was built as the municipal offices and public hall for the former City of St Kilda in 1890. Many additions, internal alterations, and changes in appearance were made in the early and mid 20th century, while serving as the municipal and social heart of St Kilda. A devastating fire in 1991 seriously affected the art collection and burnt out the hall itself, and was followed by a prize winning refurbishment and further extension. After Council amalgamations in 1994, it became the base for the larger City of Port Phillip, and further extensions and renovations have occurred. The hall within remains popular for numerous social events, meetings and performances, a role it has served for over 120 years.

WALK: The St Kilda Town Hall is an 8 minute walk from Balaclava station, and an 8 minute walk from Tram 96 Terminus.

CYCLE: Bike parking is available outside the Town Hall.
TRAMS: Tram 67 stop 35, Tram 3 & 15 stop 36
TRAINS: Balaclava Station, Sandringham Line.